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Architectural Products for Building Interiors

We understand you have dozens of options when it comes to the selection of architectural expansion joint covers, wall panels, life science wall protection sheets, wood and metal handrails. All these products look great on a website, but how will they really work on your project? After decades of design and site experience, we can help you narrow down your options quickly.

Wall Protection

Interior Expansion Joint Covers

Interior Wall Panels

Metal Ceilings

Here are some of the items we feature for building interiors although we will only scratch the surface of what is available. Our expertise is realized best by allowing us to help you fine tune your search for the perfect fit.

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Expansion Joint Covers & Systems

Architectural expansion joints can blend with your design. Building movement joint systems and expansion joints for wind sway are required in most municipalities. Our expansion joint covers for interior floors, walls and ceiling joint covers can be designed to add value to your design rather than detract from your design. Here are a few examples below.
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Wall Protection Panels For Healthcare and Life Science

Less is more when it comes to incorporating wall protection into your healthcare, lab, foodservice or pharmacy design. Carefully juggling aesthetics, the need for performance and ease of maintenance should not be overlooked. Seamless wall protection sheets, phenolic wall panels and vinyl wall panels can act as protection, however integrating wall bumpers, corner guards and outside corners are where it gets tricky. Don’t cut and paste from past projects or websites. Find out what you may not be aware of and call us!

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Other products from these manufacturers:
Wall Guards | Wall Bumpers | Metal Handrails | Vinyl Handrails | Seamless Sheets

Decorative Wall Panels

Decorative wall panels such as Trespa panels, Abet Laminati and Wilsonart high pressure laminates are just a few of the options we offer when it comes to phenolic wall panels. Sure, you can order samples from us, but the key to making these products work for you are the various attachment systems that go beyond standard Z-clips such as our non-progressive track system. The attachment system you use can make or break your aesthetics and budgets. Ask us about the prefabricated antimicrobial surfaces, wood cladding and textured wall panels you are considering. Backlit foam aluminum ceiling and wall panels are gorgeous unique options that you won’t see on the average accent wall.
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More about wall panels here.

Metal Ceilings 

No matter the height or size of your space, our innovative range of interior ceiling systems can be customized to give it the look you desire. Each series offers customization of perforation patterns, colors, acoustical properties, finishes, composition, thickness and much more.

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