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Exterior Building Expansion Joints

Exterior wall expansion joint covers are required to meet seismic codes, but did you know that the transition between roof expansion joint systems and the seismic joint covers are where a leak can occur? If you are using different manufacturers for each component, you may be at risk. Metal expansion joint covers can be designed to blend into your façade or integrate with the façade material. Let us help you avoid any risks.
Consider us your experts in all types of expansion joints used in the commercial sector. It is not uncommon we are asked to consult on customizing expansion joint covers and systems. We offer you our time and expertise in selecting the perfect solution for your building. There are many options available when considering exterior expansion joints. Below are just a few examples. Allow us to save you the time and energy you would invest in the selection process.

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Expansion Joint Covers & Systems

Are you having a hard time coordinating the structural engineer’s movement with a expansion joint cover that minimally affects your design? Websites have a just a few options of exterior roof and wall expansion joint covers. Selecting the wrong parking garage expansion joint cover can be an enormous liability if loads, traffic and type of structure aren’t considered. Tell us your wish list and we can quickly pick products while making sure your transitions from roof to wall to floor keep their warranty.
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Roof Expansion Joint Systems

Metal expansion joint covers and bellows are the most common roof covers, but each have to be considered carefully and each integrate differently to your waterproofing strategies. Transitioning to the vertical will depend on whether or not the parapet comes into play.

Expansion Joints for Parking & Concrete Decks

Parking Deck Expansion Joint Covers may not be all that glamourous but understanding how to waterproof them into the concrete deck is very important. If a fire barrier is required, your choices get more critical. Expansion joint covers for stadiums need to allow the required movement but also need to eliminate tripping hazards when movement occurs during thermal changes.

Aluminum Foam Panels

Alusion’s aluminum composite panels are lightweight and create a bold, shimmering, unique façade. Aluminum covered foam panels are used as mechanical bulkhead enclosures, Alusion’s aluminum skin panels can be beautifully lit to create a beacon of light. Our rainscreen designs are stunning and can integrate various patterns or colors for endless appearances.
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