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Looking for an expert in facades and architectural panels to help you select the perfect solution? Most perforated metal suppliers in the tri-state area struggle with design elements and can’t provide a complete engineered system. We can help you bring a unique vision to life. We offer you our time and expertise in selecting the perfect exterior façade for your building outlying attachments, spans and details. There are many options available for your consideration. Below are just a few examples. Allow us to save you the time and energy you would invest in the selection process.

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Decorative Metal Sheets for Commercial Applications

It’s easy to pick images of expanded metal panels and perforated metal sheets from websites. However, when used in complicated structures like parking garage screens, equipment screens and decorative expanded metal facades on the skin of a building, the devil is in the details. Each building type warrants different engineering conversations pertaining to loading, wind pressures and substrates.

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Facades in Architecture

Facades are one of the most marketable parts of the building and it’s the first thing your client will want to understand. We are an experienced one stop shop for all the facades you wish to use. We can narrow down your list quickly by viewing samples, renderings, and attachment methods. Too busy for a conversation or to meet in person? No problem, you can chat with our team or set up a quick virtual meeting.